Feature Film: Twin Cities





Bellamy Grant is in a state of inertia bordering on full-blown midlife crisis. The problem: His former Minneapolis life of youth and creativity has gradually morphed into a St. Paul existence of family responsibility, mortgage payments and lawn mowing.

This all changes two weeks shy of Bellamy’s 40th birthday, when his wife, Sophie, presents him with a surprise birthday present—a ticket to Europe to enjoy a “sabbatical” from family and work. There’s just one catch: If Bellamy doesn’t figure out how to get back on track and embrace life again, their marriage is over. This isn’t a sabbatical; it’s an intervention. And the cab is waiting outside.

Bellamy complicates things by deciding to secretly stay in town and hide out in a Minneapolis hotel. When he seeks the advice of his best friend, Patrick, he gets an idea: He’s going to spend his sabbatical making a list of the “crossroad moments” where he made decisions that affected the rest of his life, and visit the places where they happened. During his first visit, he realizes something surprising: He can enter these flashbacks and actually “talk” to the younger versions of himself. But as he tries to gain insights into his past decision-making, he also comes to realize that his memories may not have been as accurate as he once thought.

Matters are further complicated when Bellamy opens his door one morning to find Nick, his hyper-intelligent 9-year-old son, standing in the hallway. Though Bellamy has done his best to create the illusion that he’s actually in an Irish B&B during family Skype sessions, Nick has figured out the truth and tracked him down. Bellamy takes Nick home and tells him to keep the secret from Mommy while he works through his Crossroad Moments. But that becomes impossible when Sophie comes to suspect that Bellamy is having an affair and decides to go to Ireland to confront him.

In the end, Bellamy must come to grips with Sophie, as well as his entire his past, present and future—and decide which of the Twin Cities he truly wants to live in.



Director - Sam Fischer http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1544999/

Producer - Craig Christiansen http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm3999230/

Writer - Marc Conklin http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0174708/