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Project Description

Tucked away in a small airplane hangar in the little town of Granite Falls, Minnesota, sits a piece of American history. Nearly restored to its World War II state, the “Twilight Tear” P51D mustang lives up to its 1944 Horse of the Year namesake with speed, agility and sheer beauty. But the road to restoration wasn’t an easy one, and it wouldn’t have happened without the dedication from The Fagen Family of Granite Falls, Minnesota. As we inch closer to the day when the last WWII veteran passes away, this documentary taps into the Herculean efforts of “warbird” enthusiasts like The Fagan's who devote their lives to lovingly restoring the aircraft of that great war—right down to the paint on the nose cone. The men who flew these planes gave them names for a reason. To them, they were more than planes. They were friends, comrades, almost family. Using the story of the Twilight Tear’s journey, this film will capture the passion that people feel for these rare planes—and the care they take to restore them to their former glory.